10 October 2018

10 October 2018, Gasa:
Finally, the most awaited transfer of the Gasa Soechu Ltd from Dzongkhag Administration to the citizens of Gasa has taken place on 8th October 2018. Started as Driving Dzongkhag Development Centre with bottled spring water – labeled as “Gasa Soechu” as a Dzongkhag Development Grant venture in August 2017, has today evolved into a Community Owned Company (CoC) registered under the Company Act of Bhutan – as “Gasa Soechu Ltd.” Currently producing only bottled spring water, the company will in due course of time venture into other goods and services.

The company has a paid up capital of 9.9 million of which 6.4 m is government’s equity from DDG, which is translated into 64,000 shares at par value of Nu.100. This total shares of government’s equity are distributed as Gift/Grant to the 597 HHs covering all four Gewogs, whereby each household received 107 shares which has a total value of Nu. 10700 at today’s value. The balance of 3.5 m was paid up by the major shareholder, who will manage the company on behalf of all shareholders. The selection of the major shareholder was done through open bid tender.

This initiative is aimed to enhance people’s participation in development, reduce the gap between rich and poor by making every household by default an owner of the company with a gift of 107 shares. It is also expected to encourage solidarity and cooperation amongst the people and also a good example of government people partnership.

This venture is one of the highlights of the Vision of Good to Great Gasa in Action.

Salient features of this CoC:
i. The CoC with its water bottling plant is the first industry of any kind or size in Gasa. It will expand its ventures with other goods and services in due course of time. 
ii. The CoC is owned 100 % by the citizen of Gasa, all 597 households, thereby taking on board everyone.
iii. The CoC company is expected to lessen the gap between rich and poor as every household is by default the owner of the company with a gift of 107 shares from the Government, who would be otherwise left out if left on the individual capacity. The CoC is expected to be one viable solution to address the national challenge of narrowing the gap between rich and poor. 
iv. The CoC will encourage solidarity and cooperation amongst the citizens and Gewogs.
v. The CoC is also a good example of PPP (Government People Partnership).

NB: In today's Kuensel it reads as if Gasa Soechu will be packaged only in PET bottles..Here we would like to correct that Gasa Soechu in Glass bottles will continue thus giving choice to the consumers....

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