Livestock sector is the district service body for livestock farming and is dedicated to building a profitable and sustainable future for rural farmers.  The sector is responsible for matters relating to livestock production, marketing, nutrition, breeding and animal health including welfare activities. The sector promotes and supports planning and implementation of all livestock-related extension activities at the grass-roots level and works in conjunction with government organizations, NGOs, and famers. The sector seeks to alleviate poverty through its programs and services, creating employment opportunities for youths and farmers throughout the district.  The sector is also working to combat communicable diseases and promote veterinary public health and food safeties.

Sector organogram



Brief information of Livestock Sector in the Dzongkhag

  1. Dzongkhag Livestock Office- 1 No.
  2. Dzongkhag Veterinary Hospital- 1 No.
  3. RNR Extension Centre: 4 Nos. (Khatoed, Khamoed, Laya and Lunana)
  4. Staff:  10 Nos. (2 staff on LTT)
  5. Dairy Farmer Group: 3 Nos (Khailo, Yemena and Damji)
  6. Damji Milk Processing Unit- 1 No (due for operation)
  7. Horse Group: 1 No (Lunana pack pony services group)
  8. Poultry farms: 5 Nos
  9. Biogas plants – 10 Nos. (Khamoed Gewog)
  10. Other livestock agency: Bhutanese Mastiff Breeding and Conservation Center, Khatoed