03 April 2019

March 04, 2019:
The post-election activity, a platform for the ECB to address the new challenges so called Learning from Experience Programme (LEP) was conducted for Gasa Dzongkhag. It brings together the voice of official involved in the elections of 2018 helping the commission to comprehend issues better straight from the experiences.
Feedback, issues and recommendations were taken from the officials including head of the Dzongkhag,Gewog Administrative Officer, Presiding Officer, Polling Officers, RO Assistant, Social Media Monitoring Personnel and Focal Accounts Officer. Dasho Secretary and the team from the Election Commission of Bhutan was here to undertake in-the-field experience to review and learn through the conduct of the LEP 2018. 
With the daylong fruitful Programme, the participants have fervent hope that ECB takes an account of given feedback and take opportunities to address the issues in future editions of the election.

 Learning from Experience Programme (LEP) was conducted for Gasa Dzongkhag