07 August 2018

Today, our health sector convened a day-long coordination meeting in the premises of the BHU at Gasa town.

Following the Royal vision for Bhutanese civil service to strive for the highest standards, live by higher ideals, and be the role model for the rest, the RCSC has embarked on many reforms/interventions to transform our civil service from Good to Great. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all civil servants to internalize this Royal Vision and then give our best to live by it. 
Regardless of one’s profession, one is first and foremost a “civil servant” and as a civil servant we have a common and broader responsibility of “Nation Building”. This could imply that we go “beyond” our assigned tasks. For example, the doctors and nurses may go beyond the boundary of BHU and engage in other useful works even if they are mandates of other sectors. Such attitude and behavior could take us far in our journey to Excellent Civil Service thereby realizing the motto of Bhutanese civil service - “Excellence in Service”.

One interesting outcome of this meeting was the commitment made by all staff of our Health sector to be "the Champions" of the Clean Gasa Initiative – a programme to make Gasa Dzongkhag litter/waste free, which is again inspired by the national vision to make our country the cleanest and the Royal Vision - “Where we live must be clean, safe, organised, and beautiful, for national integrity, national pride, and for our bright future. This too is nation-building.” 
This commitment will be of great help in taking forward the struggling Clean Gasa Initiative.