10 September 2020

The Dzongkhag Administration is pleased to inform the visitors that we are reopening the Hot Spring from September 13, 2020 for those who are looking forward to Tsachu’s healing power for health complications. With the COVID-19 pandemic, hot spring located at Gasa was closed for visitors until now.

With the risk still in hand, we would like to once again request all the visitors to follow the health advisories as follows:

1. Clean the designated rooms and rest rooms at least twice a day, particularly the surfaces that are in frequent touch

2. Ensure that you are carrying soaps and washing items for restroom and kitchen

3. Practice frequent hand washing and follow cough etiquette diligently

4. Maintain at least 1 meter distance in ponds and other areas where applicable (we have marked the arrangement in ponds)

5. Plan your travel and avoid visiting the hot spring if you show symptoms related to restricted disease

6. Always wear face masks

7. Co-operate with the officials designated to monitor the areas on do’s and don’ts

We would like to request every visitor to plan ahead and anyone who shows symptoms of COVID-19, you may like to call District Health Officer @17648612 or seek medical advice with Gasa’s Hotline @1181.

We earnestly request everyone to plan your visit prudently and kindly avoid unnecessary travels.

For more clarification, please contact Gasa Tsachu Manager @17458034 (We are always here at your reach, at your service!!!)

Wishing you all a safe and healthy stay.

Gasa is humbly sending our sincere prayers and positive energy to everyone.

Stay safe, stay home la.