21 July 2020

Agriculture Economic Contingency plan for Gewog

Dzongkhag Agriculture team along with Dasho Dzongdag met with people of khatoed and khamaed gewogs to plan and discuss on agriculture economic contingency plan for the respective gewogs. The meeting highlighted on how people of the dzongkhag can self sustain and maintain self-sufficiency through agriculture during the pandemic period. Agriculture team has planned to cultivate and harvest cereal crop such as buckwheat, wheat, and vegetables like bean, cauliflower, onion, tomato and chilli in the gewog. The team will provide seeds to the farmers who plans to cultivate the crops during the season and with cold storage under construction, the farmers will be able to store their surplus products and sell it during off season too.
According to some Farmer, without organic control for diseases and pest, the crops are getting affected resulting in poor yield and also with continuous rainfall and hail storm this year, potato yield was affected too. Farmers also asked for marketing support from the dzongkhag to which team agreed to facilitate in marketing the cereal (buckwheat and wheat) production through value addition. They are happy with the land development project and requested the dzongkhag to continue with the project. Farmers from both gewog requested for additional electric fencing support due to increasing human-wildlife conflict.
Dasho dzongdag during the meeting reminded the people about covid19 pandemic and how His Majesty and government are working day and night to safeguard the nation from diseases and how its people’s responsibility to abide by the law to secure the safety of our people.
Total of 41 farmers from khatoed and 54 farmers from khamaed gewog attended the meeting while wearing mask and maintaining the social distance norms.