25 May 2020

May 25,2020:

Virtual Zomdu with Lunana Gewog

Today, after the session to welcome the DeSuups, the Dzongkhag administration organized virtual zomdu with the local leaders and people of Lunana Gewog. Dasho Dzongdag reminded the weight of precious gift from the Golden throne to collect cordyceps that matters livelihood of 8 highland Dzongkhags. Dasho celebrates the moment of happiness with the people for being bestowed land Kidu in Ramina for the people of Gasa and land in Gasa for the people of Laya by His Majesty The King. He also expressed the regret of not being able to visit Lunana during such an extraordinary situation due to vagaries of the weather condition in Gasa.

As highlander’s kick-off cordyceps collection, the people are asked to be mindful of present situation and stay home if they can. The stronger people who willingness to collect cordyceps can go as normal but be cautious and considered among others:

i. Do not violate the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health;

ii. Any person with disease are to refrain from going to collect the Cordyceps;

iii. To stick with designated areas to collect the cordyceps;

iv. Individuals to remind oneself on the dreams and aspirations of His Majesty The King

v. Be mindful of the social distancing rules provided by the experts

“From the very moment of assuming my office, I have been working hard with dedications and integrity and I have my full trust in all the people in the Dzongkhag and I expect you to reward my trust in you with commitments” Dasho said.


For the safety and wellbeing, people are asked to follow simple preventive measures of the Coronavirus: washing hands regularly, avoiding social gatherings and stay safe.While it is good to be concerned, with this challenging time in hand, people are asked not to panic.

Among others, people were briefed on the noble Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu and asked the people to apply or get assistance from Desuungs, officials and Local leaders in the situation of great affect by current COVID-19. Dasho shares His Majesty’s concern for the safety of all people and reiterated the mission to ensure zero death due to coronavirus in the country.

The people are communicated to cooperate with directives from officials and Desuups as the Nation fights to emerge stronger and more resilient this time around.Mr. Tashi Norbu,the Dzongkhag Health Officer updated about the disease to the people and reiterated the do’s and don’ts of the disease.

More than 100 people have attended the virtual meeting which is of first kind- linking corners and remote digitally.

Dzongkhag administration organized virtual zomdu with the local leaders and people of Lunana GewogDzongkhag administration organized virtual zomdu with the local leaders and people of Lunana Gewog