04 June 2015

Gasa is awesome !!! “Roof of Bhutan”. Gasa is Great !!!
In Gasa, I cannot avoid feeling so high up in the sky like a roof over rest of Bhutan. Besides this natural physical and geographical height, Gasa is associated with many superlatives.
The Dzongkhag HQ of Gasa located at an average of 2900 masl is HIGHEST amongst the 20 Dzongkhags. FIRST place in Bhutan that the Shabdrung Nawang Namgyel set his foot on. FIRST Deb Umze Tenzin Drugyel hailed from Gasa (Hobtsho Lam familyl).
Probably the HIGHEST cost of food (I can substantiate this later). FURTHEST Gewog (9 days to Lunana). MOST number (108) of Tshachus and Menchus. Probably the BUSIEST Tshachu. Has ONE (Fhula Gonpa) of the 108 Lhakhangs built by Tibetan King Songsten Gampo. ONLY Dzong with three (Maximum) Ta dzongs. Of course today, we can see only the locations and foundations of the two Ta Dzongs. Had three (MAXIMUM) water tunnels and one of these could be the LONGEST and STEEPEST ( > 80 degree). LARGEST area and SMALLEST population. ONLY dzong that has a lake of football field size (Lha Tsho) by it’s side. BEST cordyceps from Gasa (Lunana). LARGEST glaciel lake (Thorthormi). SHORTEST academic (6 months) year in Lunana school. ONLY Dzongkhag that is completely under one Park (JDNP). HIGHEST per capita income . LOWEST crime rate. With LEAST number of complaints, is LOWEST in corruption. AND MANY MORE….New….Gasa is the SMALLEST number of voters; the ONLY Dzongkhag where voters were officially paid to vote; FIRST organic dzongkhag as early as 2004 and the status is still true even today; ONLY Dzongkhag represented in BOIC Board; ONLY Dzongkhag that still do not have any of Gewog centres/CICs connected with internet; MAXIMUM numbers of Takins; LARGEST producers of cordyceps; ONLY dzongkhag with all Gewogs allowed to collect Cordyceps. ONLY dzongkhag with no public transport service ….and I am sure the list will continue