10 September 2020

The Dzongkhag Administration,Gasa would like to inform all travelers moving in and out of the Dzongkhag that it is imperative to register for Check Post Management System(CPMS) commencing September 11,2020.

To ease the registration, we are pleased to share the following procedures:

1. Visit http://cpms.rbp.gov.bt/ from your browser;

2. Click on the Register button;

3. Enter vehicle number & vehicle type.(as required) The others details of vehicle will automatically pop up;

4. Enter date of journey;

5. Choose origin and destination Dzongkhag;

6. Press continue;

8. Click on add driver/passenger button

9. Enter license number of driver to get the correct information.

10. Enter mobile number and purpose of visit and click on save button.

RBP personnel at Rimchu check post will facilitate the registration for those travelers facing technical hitches in registration and also make sure to verify.

While we are sending our sincere prayers and positive energies to all those infected by the virus, we request everyone else to kindly abide by the protocols to safe yourself, your family and the community. Let us fight this together!!

Stay safe, stay informed.