02 June 2020

On this auspicious day, Gasa Dzongkhag offers our deepest gratitude and humble prayers for the everlasting happiness,long life and good health of Our Beloved The Great Fourth.Commemorating the Coronation Day of The Great Fourth His Majesty The King Jigme Singye Wangchuck and the Social Forestry Day, the Dzongkhag Administration in collaboration with park office issued the permits to around 30 people of Khatoed Gewog to facilitate Cordycep collection. From the moment people are bestowed with the Royal gift of collecting cordyceps in 2004, the rules and procedures are crystal clear. However, in lieu of the COVID-19 circumstances, the Dzongkhag specifically highlighted procedures, rules and waste management to be considered special and stringent.

Meeting with all the cordycep collectors, Dasho Dzongda expressed gratitude to the blessings granted from the Golden Throne to the highlanders and urged the locals to utilise the opportunities prudently. Dasho reiterated every person to be responsible in observing the norms put in place by the Government and practicing the mandatory protocols for safety and security of the nation. Participants are asked to encourage old parents, children and those who are not physically sound to stay back. The Chief Forest Officer and Park Ranger explained the objectives, eligibility criteria, royalty, certificate of origin, monitoring and patrolling and offences and penalty. With the past bitter experiences on managing waste, the officials, this year are making sure that people carry their own waste back home. Dzongkhag Health Officer highlighted the gathering on dos and don’ts pertaining to COVID-19 situation. The Dzonkhag Environment Officer with pictorial evidence expressed his views on waste management education and the huge impact it would create through human-environment conflict.

“With the blessed wisdom from His Majesty, directives and guidelines from the Government and support from the official, I can trust that the people will be more mindful,” said Dasho Dzongda. In his final remarks, Dasho said “I put my palms together and pray to our local deity, Ap Gomo to see everyone with good health and produce at the end of a month but cannot tolerate anyone who after all these efforts violates any of the rules.”

Dasho Dzongda, LG functionaries and officials from the park office clarified the concerns of the people.

The people of khamaed Gewog will receive the permits the next day.

We wish all the people with tons of luck and a bountiful harvest.


cordycep permitscordycep permits