31 December 2018


Gasa Dzongkhag on national day awarded an annual 'Good to Great Gasa Award' to the three exemplary and outstanding public servants making them the highest recognition for civilian service at the dzongkhag level.

The exceptional members of Gasa Dzongkhag, Nima Norbu, Karma, and Mangmi Tshewang at Laya Gewog were honored for their exemplary public service, and demonstrated consistent and lasting dedication to the vision of 'Good to Great Gasa'.

The most prestigious award of the dzongkhag is the top award a civilian employee can receive to exemplary public servants, who have overseen successful with a sweeping impact to the vision to achieve self reliance.

Nima Norbu, 37, Sr. Dzongkhag Livestock Production Officer is recognized for outstanding contributions to the dzongkhag, specifically concerning the livestock development. "I have been participating in numerous other activities," he said, including his active contribution at the Royal Highland Festivals.

His efforts in the three consecutive editions of the Royal Highland Festival held at Laya, helped to sensitize the highlanders on the decline of yak farming with increased vulnerably from instantly shorter income generation activities that seem to be challenging the sustainability of livelihoods in future of the highland communities.

"The festival provided new economic avenues for the highland communities through home stays, packed pony services and sale of yak related products," Nima Norbu said, thus the festival contributed to the self reliance vision of the 'Good to Great Gasa'.

Laying his stress to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum, Nima Norbu hopes to work as an inspiration to a generation who will use their talents for the benefit of the country. "This award will be a constant reminder for me to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum with enhanced commitment and dedication," he said. "I will try to live by the leadership of the self, a principle coined by His Majesty the King.”

As an award winning, Nima Norbu was overwhelmed to be one of the three recipients. However, he was hopeful to achieve another greatest achievement that is particularly memorable. "I look forward to achieve something great in the future, not only contributing to my workplace but at the national level," he added.

Likewise, Karma, 36, Dzongkhag Finance Officer was honored for his work at finance section and working beyond his profession. "In my own capacity as a civil servant, I have worked hard under the direct supervision of Dzongdag and Sr. Dzongrab," he said, adding he worked to the best of his ability.

He believes that, to reap the success, hardwork is necessary in all aspects of life. "I urge everyone to work hard and draw inspiration from His Majesty's address at the 111th National Day in Samtse," he said.

As a recipient of the award, he said there is nothing more satisfying and feeling productive than winning the award. He said, "It's truly an honor to receive this award at the 111th National Day and shall remain as most memorable moment.”

Throughout his career, Karma was hopeful to demonstrate his commitment and dedication to the nation. He said, "I will serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum as civil servant with utmost pride.”

The 'Good to Great Gasa Award' is a selective award, honoring public servants who have made significant contributions to dzongkhag through a sustained record of outstanding service in line with the vision 'Good to great Gasa'.

It is always good to recognize the contributions of public servants who make sure government's work gets done.

Earlier at the Bhutan dialogues in Thimphu, Gasa Dzongdag Dorji Dhradhul, emphasized on recognizing the most outstanding public servants who worked more than what is required. He said a vision 'Good to Great Gasa' was inspired by His Majesty. "Our King's vision is to make our country great," he said.

"Leveraging human resources for the civil servant is another target to achieve the vision," Dorji Dhradhul added. "If the civil servant doesn't lead, it would be difficult to achieve the great purpose.”

It is the highest possible target and he believes all 20 dzongkhag have to be great to make the country great. "If one of the dzongkhag is not a great, then we cannot have a great country," Dzongdag said, adding that all dzongkhag have to be great.

The recipients get a framed certificate signed by the Dzongdag and the Thrizin of Dzongkhag Tshogdu accompanied by monetary award of Nu 10,000 and a logo of 'Good to Great Gasa' to each.

The award in its first year was only for the civil servants but open up to the public sectors in its second year. One of the basic criterions to be eligible for the award is to work beyond one's terms of reference.

This year, the award saw 18 finalist nominees of which three were recognized for the award. The cash prize in 2016 was Nu 5,000 to each and then increased to Nu 7,000 in 2017.

Gasa also certified 185 individuals from all walks of life including few from outside the Dzongkhag of excellence and appreciation for their outstanding and special contribution to the vision of 'Good to Great Gasa'.

Lhakpa Tshering


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