17 April 2019

April 16, 2019:

Livestock sector provided training for four days starting from 11/04/2019 which covers feed and fodder conservation, development and herd management to the people of Laya Gewog. The enthusiasms exhibited and interest shown by the participants are satisfied according to the resource person. The training aims to cover all the households, but almost 90% of the households are covered in actuality. The training program was graced by Gewog Mangmi Tshewang of Laya Gewog.

The training was focused on animal welfare, animal management, good culture of animal raising, nutrients for animal and protection and prevention of diseases in animal. The practical session on TMR inspired the participants and embraced the technology as Laya faces acute shortage of fodder resources especially in the lean season.

Livestock training

Livestock trainingLivestock trainingLivestock training