11 August 2018

This morning, the sector heads, Dzongrab, DT Thrizin, Dzongda and the 29 recipients of Land kidu from The Golden Throne convened in DT hall for the event to award/ handover the Chhazhag thram/Lagthram. The Chhazhag thram/ Lagthram were received by the Dzongda and the 29 recipients from the Hon’ble Secretary of National Land Commission in the presence of Zimpon Wom Namgay Rinchen of His Majesty’s Secretariat.

Hon’ble Secretary highlighted that we are all very fortunate to be a citizen of our beloved King, whose vision is to have no Bhutanese landless. However, he also cautioned that such a gracious vision from the Golden Throne should not be interpreted as an opportunity to encroach state land. He reinforced that no one should even think of the illegal act of encroaching the state land. He also advised that all the new landowners should work in close cooperation with the Dzongkhag administration in taking forward their plans with the land. Finally, congratulating all the land kidu recipients and he reminded them to be always grateful to our beloved King, who is working round the clock for the welfare and well being our people and country.

These 29 recipients were operating businesses on the government land at Lingmethang, the area popularly known as Gasa town. These 29 plot owners are the first batch of the landowners in the new Gasa town at Kolikha, which is just about 1 km from Gasa Dzong. The present area occupied by them in Lingmethang will be developed into an institutional area, where offices of Government, CSO, Financial Institutes will be located. 
At the event, the DT Thrizin on behalf of the 29 reciepients and the Dzongkhag offered heartfelt gratitude to His Majesty The King for the most gracious kidu the people of Gasa Dzongkhag has been receiving and offered prayers and good wishes for the Happiness and Long Life of His Majesty The King, Her Majesty The Queen and HRH Gyalsey and the members of the Royal Family.
Palden Drukpa Gyalo!