27 April 2020

April 27, 2020:

Growth in numbers of Desuup in Gasa

Dzongkhag Administration and De-suup family of Gasa is glad to welcome all the Guardian of Peace (De-suup) who completed the 38th Integrated De-suung Training Program which concluded on April 25, 2020. Dasho Dzongdag congratulated them for successfully completing the training program and further expressed his happiness in growing numbers of De-suup in the Dzongkhag (Previously there were only 23 de-suups in Gasa, and now 71 more joined making the total number to 94). Dasho also thanked and expressed his gratitude to those De-suups who came forward when the country needed them and urged new De-suups to do the same and contribute in nation building. Dasho Dzongdag himself being the 26th Desuup batch lead the recitation of De-Suung Honour code followed by which individuals were welcomed and congratulated with offering of Tashi khadhar.

Now with the growth in numbers of De-suup, members unanimously appointed De-suup Sherub Gyeltshen(Dy. Chief DEO) as their Overall Dzongkhag Coordinator, followed by De-suup Khedrupla(Principal) as Laya Gewog Coordinator, De-suup Karma Tashi(Sr. Health Assistant) as Lunana Gewog Coordinator, De-suup Phub Zam(Teacher) as Khamead Gewog Coordinator and De-suup Ngawang Tshering(Cultural Officer) as Khatoed Gewog Coordinator.

Afternoon, there was Drill refresher course for both new and old De-suups lead by In-Charge of Gasa RBP who was Drill Instructor previously.

Growth in numbers of Desuup in GasaGrowth in numbers of Desuup in GasaGrowth in numbers of Desuup in GasaGrowth in numbers of Desuup in Gasa\