Thu, 28 December 2017
Thu, 28 December 2017
Celebration ground(Football ground)

23rd December 2017, Gasa:
Gasa is celebrating 25 years as Dzongkhag on 28th December 2017. Like every novel initiatives, the vision for this Silver Jubilee Celebration too emanated from the Golden Throne...
Gasa used be under administration of Punakha Dzongkhag till 1992. And since then, Gasa was served by seven Dzongdas with the incumbent as the eighth. In this regard, we are happy to invite everyone, specially the Gasaps to the Celebration…

In this elated spirit of silver jubilee celebration, we take this opportunity to offer our gratitude and best wishes. Firstly we offer our GRATITUDE to our beloved and peerless MONARCHS for the PEACE and PROSPERITY we continue to enjoy. Secondly, we offer our humble wishes and sincere prayers for the New Year to THEIR MAJESTIES and the Royal Family. Thirdly we offer our warm greetings of best wishes for Happy New Year. May 2018 be everyone’s Greatest Year filled with tons and tons of Happiness and Happiness….

Palden Drukpa Gyalo! Wangchuck Dynasty Gyalo!

Happy Silver Jubilee......Gasa!