Notification Period:
31 December 2016

31st December 2016, Gasa:
Gasa Tshachu is busiest in January and February. Due to the limited guest house facilities, advance booking or planning is highly recommended . Unless you are well prepared with tents or other accommodation arrangements, please don't travel to Tshachu without prior guest house booking. For bookings please contact at the following nos: 16288150; 17458034. Please also look at the table on simple DOs and DONTs at Tshachu and practice them

We would also like to inform the prospective Tsachu visitors that
starting 1st January 2017, you will see three young local boys with Big mission to contribute towards the National goal of making our country Clean - These boys will lead by example, they will pick up litters, clean the drains, toilets but more importantly will be talking to everyone to participate in the in keeping one's surrounding clean. They are young, raw and very excited to grow to be a responsible citizen, so you can play a big part in shaping their future in the way you react/respond to them. Please be gentle on them. Participate in their Mission by taking care of your own litter in your room, Tsachu ponds or footpaths, and of course toilets. 
Of course they have volunteered but we are also giving them pocket money @ national minimum daily wage. This money comes from our private fund (not RGoB). This is an initiative of Good to Great Gasa and Nation Building



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